September 13, 2004

Hail, Fennin Ro's Corpse

That's right! Underguild (and recruits) went to Fire Monday with the sole intention of killing Fennin Ro.

With 1 day left before the launch of Omens of War, I had been pressing the guild to get at least 1 Fennin Ro kill in before the new expansion. I felt a need to prove that we could do it without the new AA's/lvl caps/spells that OoW will bring.

Once we found out the trigger was up, we started rallying to Fire. We were determined that if this was going to be our last attempt before OoW (even though it's only our 2nd Fennin Ro raid) then we were going to bring him down.

The clearing started off a little sloppy, but we soon tightened up. After marching down the bridge, we finally found ourselves at Fennin Ro's castle once again. We discussed our strategy, making sure to adjust for everything we learned on our last raid, and then pulled the ugly mofacka.

Rypem got settled in to his corner, the heal chain got set right off the bat, then it was just a matter of pushing and pinning while our DPS brought the Tyrant of Fire down. It was a nearly flawless kill with only 3 deaths total.

Big congratulations to all of my guildmembers that had to put up with my cussing and screaming while I pushed them to reach this goal. They put up with a lot of crap from me, and they deserve all the recognition for pulling out the big win tonight. Great job guys and gals.

A flawless pull makes Kahzid happy in his pants


Rypem marks his territory


Hail, Fennin Ro's corpse!


Notice the lack of enthusiasm from our first elemental god kill...




And more new shinies!!!


There's a lot of other raids that need to be posted in here just to get ya'll up to date on what we've killed and looted recently, but I'm too lazy to look em all up atm. I just had to share our excitement about Fennin Ro!

Until next update, taker easy fuggeroos


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