January 12, 2007

<Underguild> Forced to Unleash Secret Weapon

As many of you are aware, Underguild has struggled with the foul dragon Vishimitar. For those of you not in the "the know" Vishimitar the HDIC of the Dragons of Norrath expansion. She's a royal pain in the butt as well, especially if you've been attempting her during the holidays.

Last night we'd had enough. We were tired of losing to this salamander and her cheating unresistable death breath. We were tired of fighting, tired of working, and Aoyafrog was tired of not having any crotch to molest. Some other guild might have folded under the pressure. Others might have "buckled down" and "worked harder". Not us.

We busted out our secret weapon. We brought out the devastation we hold in reserve. We brought THE BOT ROGUE.

We sent Bjergar to solo that slut. Then we waited outside and cried to ourselves, at least the paladins did. I'm sure some of the others were crying a little too. I definitely saw some moist eyes in the druid section.


Finally it was over. "We" had won, and had our victory!



There was nothing left to do but celebrate and open the loot! This was the moment we had worked for. We had dreamed of this for how long? It seems like ages. Back when we were fighting moss snakes in Qeynos we would look to the mountains and know there were mighty dragons out there to slay, and we had just slain one of the mightiest of them all. Victory was in our grasp, and her devil hoarde of treasure was there for the taking. Being, polite, we decided merely to select three items at this time, and come back for further treasure later. (We do this often; I don't know why). There was the slain beast, there was the treasure. Nothing left to do but go get some tea.

Gaeaan getting tea

Still getting tea

Once Gaeaan got back from getting his tea, and Zastrow finished doing whatever the hell it is he does with the loot system before he starts taking bids, and Aoyafrog stopped sniffing Vishimitar's crotch, we finally got to the loot...

What was in the box?


Picklenaught was in the box. That's the best loot anyone could ever ask for.

Then Aoyafrog went back to trying to fit his whole head in her crotch.


Are there programs for this kind of thing? Is there a number we can call for him?

Posted by at January 12, 2007 09:04 AM

Bout time we got that fugger dead. We leveled the bish to 90, now it's time to start deleveling her ass.

Posted by: gaeaan at January 12, 2007 10:59 AM

Pfft! you totally didnt mention that I got the kill shot. Screw Bjergar...Im the reason we won.

Posted by: Zarkane at January 13, 2007 09:30 PM