January 30, 2006

Jomica me crazy

You are damn right Jomica, there's nothing more we want from you either. Noqufiel suffered a crushing blow in our first encounter with him. Some of you pedants out there may want to try and crush our pride by pointing out it's technically the second time we fought him. If you did, you'd only find out how foolish you are, because everyone knows you get a practice swing.

Underguild may not update it's news much, but that's only because we're the kind of sexy that expects you to find out for yourself. Underguild is the kind of sexy that doesn't like to beat an encounter on the first try, because that only makes other people feel bad about themselves. On the second go round though, we tore that shit up.

I will now reveal our super secret Noqufiel strategy.

1) Split raid between Noqufiel
2) Carefully avoid hitting Mirror Noqufiel
2A) Say screw that shit, hit anything that moves and let the druids worry about healing the AE.
3) Get loot

I hope it works for you!
I'm looking at you Moonlight Crusaders

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