May 22, 2006

Don't be "That Guy"


Everyone hates "That Guy". You know who I mean. You go on a wonderful holiday with the friends or family, you are out enjoying yourself, taking in the sights. You experience wonderful, life changing events, and finally you get a chance to take the picture that will forever capture this fun time for everyone. It looks beautiful, everything is in place, everything is perfect. You only take one picture because that's all the film you have left. It doesn't matter though, it looks great through the viewfinder, and you'll have a momento for everyone to hang on their wall. It's awesome, until you get home, and you find out Rikkukin the god damn frozen aura is making faces over Dirvani's shoulder. And Dim is scratching his ass. For crying out loud people, can't we keep our hands away from our anal region for 10 freaking seconds to take a picture? So don't be "That Guy". Rikkukin was "That Guy", and we cut his smirking head off.


Think about it.

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May 05, 2006

An Ode To Tacvi

by Delthanor Silverthorn

Oh Fuck! What mez did yonder squishie break?
It is the snake, and Ooken is the pwnd!
Someone boot fair noob and kill the damn snake,
Who is already agroed and targeted with hate
That though our healers are more numerous than tanks.
Be not complacent, since we are breakable.
Our raiding livery is but thin and green,
And none but fools do break mez. Boot the fuckers.
It is my raid leader, oh, it is my fault!
Oh, that he had a clue!
He speaks, yet he says nothing. What of that?
My assist key is wrong, I will fix it.
I am too lucky, 'tis not to me he speaks.
Two of the snakes in all the tacvi,
Having some phatl3wtz do entreat our equipment
Only four days untill they spawn again.
What if our attentions were there, a two day clearing?
The brightness of our drops would shame those critics
As daylight doth a lamp; our drops in Tacvi
Would through the DKP system stream so bright
That Pickle would freak and think it were not right.
See how he posts with cheek upon his tongue!
Oh that I might win a glove upon that hand,
That I might loot that BP!

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